Luisa Kolker
Shamanic Practitioner • Psychotherapist • Ceremonialist

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Your soul has a signature,
and that signature is a song.
When you are tired of all the songs
you've borrowed
and you are ready to be quiet,
your soul's song will not be denied.
It will fill every cell of your being
with a simple and obvious clarity
about who you are
and what you are about.

—Luisa Kolker

Welcome to the Work & Teachings of Shamanic-Psychotherapist Luisa Kolker

Hello, I’m Luisa. Thank you for your interest in my shamanic psychotherapy work.

I am a high empath who struggled for decades with personal, psychic and emotional boundaries. I came into this life with a deep desire to be of service to this world while mired in the emotional immaturity that often accompanies prematurely developed spiritual and psychic abilities.

My inner spiritual journey has been intrinsically related to my emotional journey of learning how to navigate my emotions and the emotional realities of others out in the world. For me, there is no true spiritual development without emotional maturity. This premise is foundational to my inner work and to the work I offer in my sessions, ceremonies, and workshops.

I had to learn from scratch some of the fundamentals of self worth, boundaries, and how to be relational with others and with myself. I learned that my troubles with boundaries in my relationships with others had its roots in not yet being in respectful, mature relationship with my own inherent self worth.

I was not born to rescue or be rescued, and neither were you. I want to assist you in moving beyond that hierarchical paradigm that only recycles pain and never heals it. I want to introduce you to your inner energetic realms, to assist you in healing your emotional and spiritual impediments at a root cause level. I will mentor you as you learn emotional skills that will help you feel safe and cherished in your relationship with your self. 

I have a basic premise in the healing work that I do: Don’t try to get rid of or hate any part of yourself, including and especially parts that seem critical or mean. I want you to come into relationship with those parts of yourself. I will teach you how to be in your adult self so you can teach the unskillful, wounded parts of yourself how to be relational. Shamanic traditions teach us to meet and transmute our demons, not to slay them. This is both an emotional skill and a spiritual practice.

My work is not recreational or sensationalistic and is not for those looking for a quick fix. My path has been one that began in darkness, like the roots of a tree. It is only slowly over time that my process has brought me into emergence and into the light. I am here to midwife and teach those who are also interested in genuine growth, the kind that has roots, the kind that will mature your being and cultivate compassion for yourself and others over a lifetime.

In Love & Transformation,

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The goal of shamanic psychotherapy is to recover your connection with spirit and develop a conscious relationship with the landscape of your inner self.

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The shamanic journey is similar to a dream state, with a crucial difference: your dream-body/spirit-body is traveling to other spiritual dimensions of consciousness in a light, conscious trance state with a clear intention and under the guardianship of a power animal. Access to these dimensions allows for guidance, healing and divination to be translated into our bodies and psyches.

The goal of shamanic psychotherapy is to recover one’s connection with spirit and develop a conscious relationship with the landscape of one’s inner self. The shamanic psychotherapy process is a soul journey in which the client develops emotional, spiritual and behavioral skills that increase inner freedom, passion and aliveness.