Luisa Kolker
Shamanic Practitioner • Psychotherapist • Ceremonialist

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Office: M W F, 10 am-5 pm
Santa Fe, New Mexico

«return to workshops listTransformation 1 Workshop: Practical Alchemy for Emotional Healing & Spiritual Transformation A 3-Day Shamanic Healing Retreat with Luisa Kolker in Santa Fe, NM

fully blossomed self

In the Transformation 1 workshop, we draw from the ancient technique of the shamanic journey, Pia Mellody’s relational-trauma therapy model and archetypal Medicine Wheel teachings to come into a conscious connection with The Historical Child, The Adapted Adult and The Inner Wise Man/Woman. Our inclination is to feel repelled by our inner emotional wounds. Yet, hidden within the wound lies our spiritual assignment and our spiritual treasure, the discovery of which is the objective of this workshop.

In Transformation 1, the core-shamanic journey technique (including finding your power animal) is learned and used to access a light, conscious trance state through which your perceptual abilities expand beyond your habitual ego-consciousness. This facilitates break-through awarenesses and the release of stuck, emotional patterns.

Through meditation, shamanic journeying, ceremony, drumming, movement and the creation of alchemical soul cards, we come into a relationship of compassion with our “shadow” parts. Rather than getting “rid” of our shadow parts, we creatively assist these parts in healing and transforming into valuable allies in our lives.

What to Bring:

  • a drum/rattle, if you have one (there will be extras)
  • a sleeping bag/blanket for lying on the floor during journeys
  • journal and pen
  • eye cover
  • water bottle and a snack for break time(s)
  • medicine objects for the altar (please remember to take these home with you)
  • beautiful (and comfortable) ceremonial clothing encouraged

The following will be provided at the workshop:

  • light snacks
  • back jacks & chairs
  • drums and rattles
  • eye covers
  • ritual materials